SINCE 1915

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Compounding Pharmacy

While we’ve been filling prescriptions in South Pasadena’s historic landmark since 1915, we also specialize in creating custom remedies to match anyone’s medical demands. From children who are picky towards certain flavors to animals who require important medical attention, we pride ourselves in being versatile to the community’s needs.

We practice in compounding:

  •  capsules
  •  creams/gels/ointments
  •  syrups
  •  suppositories
  •  troches

Our Pharmacy also offers delivery services to guarantee medication regardless of any conditions. We ensure authentic, honest and helpful aid to our patients, guiding them towards a healthier life

Meet the Pharmacist

Zahra Shahniani is a devoted and trusted Doctor of Pharmacy. California and Nevada Board licensed, she has 25 years of experience in pharmacy management, theory, and practice in both community and clinical settings. Dr. Shahniani earned her graduate degree from University of Southern California (USC School of Pharmacy).

She is educated and trained as a specialist in compounding, preparing RX medication, parental nutritions, therapy and preparing intravenous (IV) admixture. Dr. Shahniani is a respected member of the California Pharmacist Association (CPHA).